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Welcome to VOG


Our mission is to cultivate the servant-leaders of tomorrow to be one with God and equip them to step into their callings through a Christ-centered culture and innovative education. 


Kindergarten - 5th Grade



Nine month program:

September - May 

Three days a week:

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

Ages: 3 & 4 Year Olds


This year, VOG is seeking partners to help fund the Guardian Grant-a needs-based scholarship program. Donations will go directly towards providing financial aid for families that are seeking an innovative and Christ-centered education at VOG.

A portion of the donations will also go towards Guardian Angel which will ensure that no learner will ever have to leave school because of a temporary financial setback.


New Testimonial 

"VOG is an answered prayer for our family. A few years of public school, stressed out children and remarks like " We aren't allowed to talk about God," showed us it was not the place for my grand children, and that if we wanted our children to thrive academically, emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually we had to make a move. When God closes a door, he opens a window, and that window is VOG. The girls have been in school for just over a month and in my opinion have learned more academically in every area then they did the entire last year of school, and more importantly they LOVE going to school! That may be hard to believe, but VOG goes above and beyond the average academic day, and includes the Lord in each step. Every aspect about the day is thoughtfully and intentionally planned. The classrooms are called studios, the students are called learners, and the teachers are their guides. VOG is a community where everyone is valued.


In regards to core subjects the instruction has surpassed our expectations, then add Spanish, Sign Language, Engineering, Art, Music, Chapel, P.E......... the list is too long and it is only the first 6 weeks!


Our girls were learning in Public School but now they are thriving. The self confidence and leadership skills that they are exhibiting cannot be overlooked. Our family is raising the children to know the Lord, his word, and the purpose he has set for their lives. VOG partners with us to do that daily, so from home to school and back home again they are surrounded by people with the same belief system and their happy hearts show it.


The communication with parents is unmatched in their weekly newsletters. They foster the growth of the child but they foster the growth of the whole family too. My heart smiles each time I pull in to pick them up and am greeted by their guide who shares a "glow" about their day. What a self esteem booster! I knew we had found home the minute we visited. My gratitude to the staff cannot be measured in words.


I wake up everyday, as do their parents, so happy and thankful knowing that the girls are surrounded by the most caring group of individuals whose mission is to equip them with the ability and desire to fulfill their callings, and they do it with unmeasurable love and compassion."

Wendy Heine